Friday, November 16, 2012

Amazon reviews and tablet Styli (Stylus, Styluses?)

I wrote a review for a (very cheap I must say) stylus. You can see the review here. The stylus is nothing special and after a few hours use I began to get really hacked off with how much it dragged. So? So I took it apart, (the silver ring comes off and that lets the "rubber" nib free. I tried stuffing paper in the nib to make it firmer (fail, tablet stops recognizing the touches). I tried bluetack in the nib (ditto). I gave up and went back to my finger. Then I had a brain wave while falling asleep, maybe cling film has a slippy enough surface. I mean cling film only sticks to itself right? Turns out this was a genius idea. Nib is firmer. Cling film is slippy enough to give positive pressure from writing on the tablet surface. I may mod this more by scotch tape on stylus so I don't rub the cling film off and to provide a better grip on the Barrel of the stylus.
I'm very happy with the result, I hope it lasts!